Wii U Menu Themes

The Wii U hasn’t been released yet, but I have already noticed a pattern in the information that has been released. Gaming media outlets including IGN have been pouring over the Wii U that they recently recieved, I’m sure. But one thing that no one seems to notice are the subtle themes in the Wii U’s menus and menu music. No one seems to have stopped to smell the flowers.
Take a look at the Wii U Home Menu:

Wii U Main Menu

Yah, it’s a bunch of icons, kind of like the 3DS, I know. But look closer… All those buttons are made out of “glass”.
Now take a listen to the Main Menu Music that will be playing when you see those glass buttons:
Do you notice it too? All the crystal pads and tinkling noises? Kind of sounds like a glass wind chime. Go ahead, listen to any of the other leaked menu music. It all has the same theme: glass & technology. The technology part comes from the sci-fi-computer-like bloops and bleeps that smooth the background of the music.
There is something else too! If you listen to the other music leaked, the closer you get to using the Wii U, the more complete the music is. The Wii U boots with a simple chiming noise, then loads using tinkling. Creating a new account? You’ll hear a bare minimum blooping and low chrystal pads. Selecting an account? You can almost hear the full Home Menu music. Then finally, the Home Menu Music (above) with its fleshed out percussion and melody.
Most people will probably never notice these touches to the Wii U UI, but I’m not your typical gamer. I catch and enjoy the nuances that companies put into their products. Software can be just as sexy as any streamlined hardware.
Usually a company like Apple is known for its attention to detail. But Nintendo is showing some artistry with their new machine. Maybe there is more that we don’t even know yet. While you’re tearing apart the packaging and going full-speed to your launch game title of choice, remember to sit back and enjoy the little touches.