Nintendo News Megaton

Everyone knows about the recent Nintendo Direct with the Nintendo news blowout everyone has been waiting for. But in case you’ve been living under a rock, here is a quick roundup:

Mr. Iwata

  1. Wii U OS Updates to address speed in spring and summer
  2. Wii U Virtual Console in the spring
  3. Famicom 30th Anniversary Virtual Console Program
  4. Mario 3D and Kart at E3
  5. Smash Bros. at E3 (Stills? Footage?)
  6. TLOZ: The Wind Waker HD in fall
  7. TLOZ Wii U next year
  8. New Xenoblade game in development (We think)
  9. New Fire Emblem crossover in development
I’d be happy to hear from you guys on your thoughts on the news. Personally, I thought all of the news was great. I’m especially happy to hear about the Wii U OS updates that will speed things up. And I’m really happy that Wind Waker is coming to the Wii U because I missed it during the Gamecube era (I cheated on Nin with an Xbox).
But I’d also like to hear what you think about the things still up Nintendo’s sleeve! We haven’t heard what Retro is working on, for instance. No news on Star Fox or any of the other franchises yet either. What do you think should be on Nintendo’s radar when they finally have time to breath after all these developments?