Finally! The Wii U is Officially Safe From The Unknown!

So let’s break down the innovations of the other next-gen consoles shall we? Now that the Xbox One is a known quantity more or less, I am even more confident that Nintendo is safe.

PS4: Let’s Combine ALL Our Bad Ideas!

So… the innovation of the PS4. Let’s break it down:
  • A light on the controller
  • An extra button on the controller for sharing videos
  • A useless touch pad with no video on the controller
… Not a lot to work with here. The controller is barely different at all and only combines one bad idea, PS Move, with another bad idea, a video-less, baffling, touch pad from a portable. Oh… and you can upload videos… cool… I guess…

Xbox One: Remember That Stuff Gamers Hated? Lets Make It Worse!

There is ZERO innovation with Xbox One:
  • A Bigger, Uglier, mandatory, Kinnect (No gamer in their right mind gives a damn)
  • Blu Ray (That’s so last-gen!)
  • Draconian DRM
  • TV features no one wants
  • And ummm…. uhhhhh….Who are we kidding? It’s just an updated 360 that can’t play 360 games!
Might as well call it the Xbox 360+ or something.

Can We Finally Move On Now?

It’s clear. The Xbox One and PS4 are dead ringers spec-wise. Almost no difference at all. Their raw specs clearly trump the Wii U, but who cares? They’re not completely out of reach like the difference between the Wii and its competitors. And do either of the competitor next-gen consoles have ANY ideas that weren’t tried and failed in last-gen? Well, besides sharing which, admittedly is an unknown, but minor element.
The Wii U has an innovative controller with a touch screen that is seamless with the system. It has almost zero lag with that screen despite the GamePad having almost zero processing power of its own. It has at least double the power of last-gen consoles, Miiverse, backwards compatibility even with accessories, etc…
But the most important feature? You won’t have to mortgage your house (not that that gets you much money these days) to buy it. And no one rationally thinks that the PS4 or X1 are going to be anywhere near the price of the Wii U. They’ll be pricey. Rely on it.
So are we done with the doom and gloom? Let’s get gaming! (Unless you have an X1, in which case, go watch TV from your cable box through your console, K?)

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