The Calm Before The Storm

E3 Approaches!

We’re all looking forward to it: E3. We know that in this sanctified time period, we’ll be seeing the best that our favorite pastime has to offer. New games, new game hardware, new accessories, and oh, the spectacle!
But we’re not quite there yet. This is probably one of the most boring parts of the year, within one of the most boring parts of a console cycle. On one hand, all game companies have been holding their cards close in recent times to actually have something to present at E3. We’ve been starved for release dates, announcements, and surprises.
On the other hand, although it’s exciting that new hardware is on the horizon, or already here in Wii U’s case, nothing has quite hit its stride. We have more questions than answers. It’s so frustrating! Only one next-gen console is even available for purchase. We don’t even know what one of the consoles even LOOKS LIKE!
But this soon will pass. It seems most of the big three are preparing to start announcements before E3 even starts. Especially Nintendo, where they have the Nintendo Direct in their arsenal. Our anticipation may be soothed even sooner than usual. Thank goodness.
Fortunately, this E3 seems to be set up to be one of the best in recent memory. Two brand new consoles, major game release announcements from Nintendo, and a parade of developers to tout what this “next-gen” thing is going to be like for most of the next decade.
I’m pretty firmly planted in Nintendo’s camp this year. But I’d really like to know what everyone thinks.What is your most anticipated non-console related news? What are you most excited about when it comes to your next-gen console of choice? How do you think it will define itself and come out of the shadow of its predecessor?

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