DuckTales: Remastered Review

This Game Has Race Cars, Lasers & Airplanes!

Scrooge has still got it after all these years.
I don’t normally do reviews. Heck, looking back, I think my first blog post was a review and I never did another. But I thought I was passionate enough about this game to give it a good once-over from my point of view after completing the game.
Although I respect Colin’s review of the game, and I think generally he ended up with a good overall score, I think that he was extremely nit-picky with the game and the review didn’t really reflect the score.

Recalling the Nits (And Refusing to Pick)

Colin was very negative when it came to the plot of the game. He thought that the cut-scenes slowed down what was originally a very action oriented game. He hated the fact that he had to bring up the main menu to skip the scenes.
What Colin fails to realize is that in 1989, gamers would have KILLED for even the cut scenes that were put into the game. I’ll admit that the animation during the cut scenes is a bit below the standards of a thoroughly modern game with pre-rendered scenes or full motion video. But the lack of animation gives the game an old school charm that was glossed over in the review.
Also, the voice acting is so stellar, you probably couldn’t ask for better from ANY game. ANY. I can’t imagine a better cast of voice actors in a game. Not only because many were from the original source material, but because many more were NOT from the original source material and were absolutely remarkable.
Finally, Colin’s gripe about skipping cut scenes (using two button presses, no less) and the complaint about the game not remembering when you’ve already seen a cutscene are nearly not worth mentioning. Frankly, I can’t think of a game I’ve played that ever remembered what cut scenes you’ve seen from one play though to another.

Agree to Agree

I do agree with Colin on one nit-pick. Colin’s gripe about controls being slightly off is correct. I had problems starting or maintaining Scrooge’s pogo. The problem didn’t seem consistent, but was very annoying from a gameplay perspective, especially when compared to the impeccable control of the original game.
Also, I’d like to add a gripe of my own. During my play-through on Wii U, I discovered odd audio problems where the audio of the game would echo, then repeat like a broken record. This only happened once during my play throughs, but I had to close then restart the game to fix the issue. I’ve also seen some reports on Miiverse of people having some freezing issues, although I never had a problem quite that bad.
These technical issues are minor and I never encountered a game-breaking issue. They’ll likely be fixed by a patch or two posthaste by Wayforward. Although they cannot be overlooked, I wouldn’t let them weigh heavily on any review.

The Extras

The added content in this game is a bit sparse compared to some others, but the fact that this is a digital-only release makes extra content surprising in itself. Giving the money you collect during the game purpose besides a score-keeper is brilliant and adds tremendously to replayability. The content itself ranges from concept art to visuals from the original show to a soundtrack. Although it seems to be randomly priced in the in-game store, it is a great incentive to play the game again and again.


Ducktales: Remastered is… well, a masterpiece. It’s an extremely good game with gorgeous visuals, out-of-this-world (to the moon?) voice acting, incredible music that does justice to the original game and then some, and added content that fits well into the game. Minor technical issues exist, but aren’t likely to stick around. DuckTales: Remastered is a money bin full of super and the soul poured into its development is readily noticeable.


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