The End of an Era: Rich Leaves IGN

IGN Nintendo Rushes For the Door
Warning to readers: This is an opinion piece and likely to ruffle some feathers.

IGN Nintendo has taken some powerful hits of late. Audrey defected to Nintendo for a dream job as a localizer at Nintendo Tree House. Rich is on his way out to start a job at the PR firm GolinHarris, which Nintendo works with. Kind of makes me wonder when Sam will find the door.

Can’t really blame them. Even if you forget the obvious bias against Nintendo at IGN, Rich and Audrey are moving on to much higher positions closer to the company they love. I think the moves are extremely good ones for their professional lives, their peace of mind, and most likely, their pocket books.
IGN’s Nintendo coverage has been laughable since far before the Wii U was launched. At times, the Wii U channel on IGN can go without a specific Nintendo related update for days and days, instead getting the leftovers from the PS3 and 360 feeds from multi-platform releases. You’d get a page full of Wiki article links from unpaid contributors. Podcasts that should have been like clockwork were delayed or skipped. And Nintendo has featured less and less on the IGN homepage.
Frankly, I no longer come to IGN as the go-to place to get the latest news. Other sites like and have much more focused content updated much, much more frequently than IGN. I’m not advocating against IGN, just pointing out that as a reader and a media outlet, we’ve grown apart.
I wish all the departing staff the best of luck in their new positions. And I hope the remaining staff realize the error of their ways before even more readers look away.

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