Kickstarter Opens for The Mysterious Cities of Gold Localization

Get Your Gold, Children of the Sun!
Many of the people who read this blog will probably be too young to remember Nickelodeon when it had just changed its name from the Pinwheel Network. From the beginning until the late nineties, the network was known for it’s high quality kids shows, some imported from around the world.
One in particular was the crown jewel of the network from about 1986-1991. The name of the cartoon was The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Its creation was about as mysterious as its name. It was a French written anime that was animated in Japan. How does that even happen? At the time, the series was a smash hit with Nickelodeon and got prominent promotion on the network. However, only one season was ever produced.
The show featured a young boy, Estaban, and his friends Tao and Zia and their adventures through Mexico and South America searching for one of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. These cities were mystical ancient technological marvels that were made completely from gold by a lost advanced civilization known as Hiva.
Thirty years later, French fans demanded the series be continued. They were heard. In 2012, a whole new season of the show was produced and started airing in France. When news of the series spread around the world to other territories where the show was broadcast, there was great demand for the shows to be translated. Now, the new season is due to come to the US in English on Blu-Ray through Fabulous Films in 2014.
Meanwhile, in France, a video game for the show has been in production for the new season for Wii U, 3DS, and iOS. It’s called The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths. The developer, Ynnis Interactive, includes fans of the show who seem to be in a labor of love for the new video game. Unfortunately, they did not anticipate the great demand for the video game to be localized outside of French speaking territories and only budgeted for one language.
Ynnis has started a Kickstarter to help fund the full voice-work for an English translation and multiple subbed translations such as Spanish. It’s starting off at a good clip with 10% of the funding pledged in the first day. Check it out yourself if you think you might want to bring the game to the PC and the US!



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