Unknown Game Developer Blasts Wii U Third Parties

“We are tired of hearing excuses…”


An unknown developer has blasted other third party developers for the Wii U and pledged full support for the ailing console:

“AE Games is a brand new game developer, based in North Carolina. Our desire is to create great games designed around Nintendo systems, starting with the Wii U. Instead of treating the system as an afterthought like many developers/publishers have, it is going to be our focus.

What has been the picture of third party support on the Wii U? It seems that late DLC, no DLC, missing modes, and selling last year’s game as this year’s, has been the way to go. Then follow that up with trying to justify poor sales by blaming consumers (or, even Nintendo)?

There are examples of publisher support that shouldn’t be forgotten, wonderfully terrible examples in our opinion, like a publisher releasing one game on the Wii U for $60, but selling a trilogy of that game series on the other consoles for the same price. Or, releasing the exact same game on all consoles at the same time, but pricing the Wii U version nearly 70% more than the other versions. Or, now even more recently, delaying only the Wii U version of a game that was already previously announced.

Not only was/is this actively sabotaging Wii U sales of those games by the publishers in our opinion, but it was apparently assuming most Wii U owners in 2012 and 2013 would be ignorant of those facts (we guess?), or not care about them?

We are tired of hearing excuses from so many third party developers and publishers in regards to supporting the Wii U. We think it’s a shame so many third party developers and publishers have provided excuses for not supporting the system, instead of providing examples. There’s really only one way to dice some third party support of Nintendo systems: can’t never could, and never will.

But, if you own a Wii U, you likely know that there have been some developers that have really taken their time in developing Wii U games (and versions of Wii U games), to show the system’s strengths. We hope to become a part of the developers that have shown how to make games better, with the Wii U.

While the foundation of the company has started in North Carolina, we will be using talent from around the world to bring great games to the Wii U (and hopefully, other Nintendo systems). We will be revealing our very first game in development for the Wii U, this Friday! Will you be hit by one of Cupid’s arrows when you see it, and fall in love with the idea behind it? We hope so!”

What do you think of this surprise development? Do you share the sentiments described by this developer?

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