The Pros And Cons of Nintendo Switch

It’s Not All Rainbows And Butterflies

Now that Nintendo’s official announcement for the Switch has completed, it has become more clear that the Nintendo Switch is an incredible piece of hardware. But even the most loyal Nintendo fan will tell you that so far, the Switch is not perfect and that much still needs to be learned. Here is a list of new information not previously known collected by pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Three gaming modes: Handheld, Console, Tabletop
  • New Rumble HD technology
  • 720p Multi-touch screen
  • Micro SDXC compatibility with all current capacities
  • The eShop is back
  • A huge amount of first-party and third-party licensed accessories at launch
  • Two color options for Switch hardware
  • Online chat confirmed
  • Novel and useful Parental Control smartphone app (With the cutest promotional video ever)
  • Nintendo Network Subscription that includes free virtual console games
  • Major third parties are cautiously optimistic
  • A Smartphone app for chat and community
  • Enthusiastic indie developer support

The Cons:

  • $300 for Switch console (More than some PS4 and Xbox One S prices)
  • High accessory prices (Controllers for $60??)
  • Not all games in at least 1080p in console mode
  • Very small launch game line-up
  • More than half of launch line-up are ports of older games
  • Very unlikely to have a system-selling game at launch
  • Console supply appears to be restricted
  • Virtual Console games distributed through Nintendo Network are rescinded every 30 days
  • No Streetpass compatibility
  • No camera

We still don’t know…

  • The specifics of the new Nintendo Network (Price, free games, functionality)
  • Hardware specs (May never be known)
  • Almost anything about the Switch OS and GUI
  • Any My Nintendo account benefits of the Switch
  • Almost anything about the eShop games line-up or GUI
  • Anything about Virtual Console
  • Any possible built-in apps (Like browsers, simple games, etc.)

And there is only a little more than a month until launch!

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