God of War Gets Positive Reviews

The Monster You Created Has Returned…

God of War (2018), which will be released in a few days on April 20th, has been getting rave reviews. As of this writing, it scores a very solid 95 on Metacritic based on 85 reviews. Reviews point out several main improvements in the traditionally gory and lurid franchise: Depth of characters and story, stunning graphics, and excellent performance.

Reviews lavish praise on the newest God of War for a new depth to its characters. Kratos, the main protagonist and usurper of the Greek “God of War” title, has traditionally been an action anti-hero stereotype. Bent on revenge to the point of forgetting what he is avenging, bedding every female that crosses his path, and killing every creature in his way with reckless abandon, Kratos was a very shallow character. His backstory was only an excuse for the violence. However, reviewers praise the new more mature and grounded Kratos depicted in his newest outing along with the depiction of his son, Atreus. Reviewers found the father-son storyline of the game moving and revealing.

Along with character and story elements, reviewers mention the beauty of the game itself. They report rich, detailed natural environments mixed with the fantastical to bring a believable feel. Reports say that almost all graphical elements are maintained even on base PlayStation 4 hardware with the only difference between the base and pro models being resolution and an option for an unlocked frame rate (Base: 1080 30 fps, Pro: 4K 30 fps or 1080p unlocked fps).

Even with reviewers calling God of War a graphical showcase for the PlayStation 4, they also report that performance even on base models is excellent with few hits to frame rate in specific scenarios. This is extremely impressive given the difference in power between the base and pro PlayStation 4 and the relative age of the base console. Both consoles maintain 30 frames per second relatively easily in their highest resolution settings and the Playstation 4 Pro also has a lower 1080p mode that unlocks the frame rate allowing up to 60 frames per second, although the performance can vary greatly due to graphical workload.

Overall, it looks like the newest God of War will be an enjoyable experience. What are you looking forward to in the latest adventure with Kratos? Comment below!


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